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CCC cabinets feature wood construction, superior hardware, and sturdy paints and finishes. Our fastidious style every distinctive to form certain your kitchen stands out. Additionally to severally tested air emissions approval on all three hundred cabinets
With many years of expertise, Chicago cabinets Center (CCC) could be a wholesale carpentry corporation committed to transportation cheap quality. We tend to import directly from makers to pass our savings on to contractors, architects, and kitchen & tub dealers. Our in-house quality scrutiny team assures that our hand-selected materials meet solely the very best standards, and our merchandise is assembled within the victimization environmentally property building practices. CCC’s customized client service ensures that this cheap luxury suits your specific aesthetic vision, courtesy of our wide array of designs and styles. We tend to are proud to supply these merchandise and services to residential and business comes:
• Quality
• Materials
• Construction
• Paint
• Affordability

Quality of CCC cabinets:

CCC is made upon the idea that quality carpentry is neither cost-prohibitive nor troublesome to search out, for people who look within the right places. That’s why we tend to maintain our own in-house quality scrutiny team, people within the business whose experience has given them an eye fixed for understanding what makes sensible carpentry and the way to remove fakes and phonies. So, from the choice of wood species to internal control, this team assures that we will with pride stand by our merchandise regardless of the circumstance.


CCC understands that selection of fabric sets the tone for the complete product. In contrast to several company carpentry suppliers, three hundred merchandise don’t perform with their materials – three hundred uses no wallboard in our ccc cabinets, solely high-density wallboard (HDF) panel and medium-density wallboard (MDF) interiors. So, these fiberboards are stronger than solid wood, additional weatherproof, and cling paint higher for an electric sander end.

Construction of CCC Cabinets:

By victimization, the simplest quality materials accessible, our ccc cabinets will stand up to the very best levels of craftsmanship to confirm that they’re sturdy, functional, and delightful for years to return. Our construction and assembly method embodies business – leading techniques, such as:

  • Dovetail panel assembly that assures a seamless association from frame to body – no staples needed
  • Hidden screws give a cleaner hunt for eyes with associate degree attention to detail
  • Soft closing drawer mechanism and slam resistant doors stop harm to border and doors.

The paint of CCC Cabinets:

Once created and nearing the tip of assembly, our cabinets bear a specialized painting method. So, they receive expertise-crafted painting with solely the simplest quality paint. Through our ball kitchen dancing powder coating method. Our fiberboards receive a swish, even end that withstands time, sunlight, and water higher than wet paint.

CCC Cabinets Affordability:

Ccc Chicago cabinets were the belief that top-tier quality doesn’t have cost-prohibitive. Our competitive rates are among the simplest as a result of we tend to don’t perform. So, we tend to cut the fat! By operating directly with makers and surgery the middlemen, three hundred is in a position to supply prime quality carpentry to customers at a reasonable worth. You can explore our ccc cabinets online and also visit us in St Orland Park, Illinois.


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