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Affordable fabuwood cabinets in Orland Park IL

The cabinets you have in your kitchen are an essential part of your kitchen as a whole. Cabinets arrange the kitchen items and enhance their functionality. However, we have a trendy collection of cabinets that can make your kitchen and bathroom enticing and sophisticated. Furthermore, our cabinets are reliable, robust, and alluring in colors, styles, and designs. Our fabuwood cabinets in Orland Park, IL are the best solution for the storage problems in your kitchen.

Fabuwood collection provides some lines of cabinets such as prime, classic, nexus, Geneva and value, and solid wood and laminate. In addition, these cabinets are available in painted, glazed, stained, and high-end glass finishes.

The material used in our fabuwood cabinets

For a cabinet to be of superior quality, the back has only one piece of solid half inch plywood. Our Fabuwood collection ensures this standard by manufacturing strong cabinets with no joints or seams for durability and dimensional stability. In addition, Our Fabuwood cabinets are crafted from solid one-piece quarter-inch plywood.

Properties of fabuwood cabinets

  • These cabinets are attractive and affordable
  • The rich, warm tones of Fabuwood range from deep red-browns to warm golds
  • Fabuwood furniture is made out of real hardwood such as oak, maple or mahogany.
  • Fabuwood cabinets don’t only offer an elegant look but also will not wear thin like other materials.

How long will our fabuwood cabinets last?

The fabuwood cabinets are not meant to last forever, and depending on the material, they may require a revamp. But you can get creative by using our beautiful wood for at least 10-12 years without any maintenance.

Colors of our fabuwood cabinetry

Cabinet colors reflect the overall appearance of cabinets. Usually, gray, white, and dark brown color cabinets are famous for the modern kitchen. We have extensive color variations in fabuwood that can meet your customized desires. Furthermore, you can buy fabuwood in a certain color that fits in your color attraction of countertops, flooring, and ceiling.

Our collection of fabuwood

  • Discovery frost
  • Fusion blanc
  • Fusion dove
  • Fusion nickel
  • Galaxy espresso
  • Galaxy cobblestone
  • Galaxy linen

Where can you buy our fabuwood cabinets?

We are located at 9556 W 147th St Orland Park, Illinois 60462. If you live near Orland areas such as Hills IL, Palos Heights, Oak Forest, you can buy our premium quality cabinets at an affordable price

Why choose us for fabuwood cabinets?

Kitchen Design Gallery is the finest site in Illinois to get fabuwood cabinets. We have a large selection of cabinets that will look excellent in any environment. Our objective at Kitchen Design Gallery is to deliver high-quality cabinets at reasonable costs. In Illinois, we are the finest choice for kitchen renovation. We manufacture our cabinets with high-quality wood, so they will survive for many years. We are convinced that our cabinets will last a long time. Our designers have investigated every element to guarantee that your purchase will serve you well for years to come and would love to share their findings with you.