Onyx frost cabinets

White kitchens cabinets are sure to enhance the kitchen’s design radiating a classy and transitional setting. This Onyx door offers an adaptable option that adds originality and interest to any kitchen and will look equally stylish in modern or classic spaces.



Our onyx frost cabinets are made of solid wood with a white finish and frosted glass doors. Our cabinets will add decorative style fused with functionality to your pastel or colorful kitchen. In addition, we will provide you with plenty of storage space for your dishes, pots and pans, cooking utensils, hand towels, basic groceries in the top cupboards, and more flour in the lower cabinets.

Our onyx frost cabinets come with a storage compartment for wine bottles behind the stove on both left and right-hand sides, which help keep them at an ideal temperature while not taking up countertop space when opened or closed.


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