Wellington Ivory Cabinets

Choose Wellington and design a home that captures a warm familiarity with its elaborate woodwork. Featuring raised panels and applied moldings these cabinets create an intimate vibe in your living space.



The great thing about Wellington ivory cabinets is that it’s not quite as much work as constructing them out of wood. But, of course, that leaves all sorts of extra time for other activities like star wars marathons or jury duty. Our wellington offers a vast assortment of styles and finishes, the wellington ivory cabinets stand out for many homeowners. Handcrafted from solid pine, these pieces add charm to any living space with their ornate raised panels and elaborate moldings. In addition, our wellington cabinet doors have been thoughtfully crafted from top-quality pine boards to give off a perfect tone of serene simplicity. We’re so glad you chose us -we made this one for you- because not only does it mean we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other but also so many beautiful homes being revived by these gorgeous beauties.


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